• jaredran

      Thanks, John, for the compliment and for being a faithful subscriber. I’m particularly looking forward to see what Tumblr pulls out from its sleeve.

  1. #3 is blowing my mind, jaredran. But how could it work? I learned from my pre-startup stints in the nonprofit world that the hyperpersonalized internet age is moving giving $$ away from umbrella organizations that donors trust to do what’s best with their money to microfinancing and uber-specific giving opportunities like donorschoose.org. So the question is how some internet umbrella with the targeted-giving mojo of donorschoose could provide fledgling organizers cash they need while also creating some accountability to act on their promises.

    • jaredran

      I just saw this comment you left on a really old blog post of mine. Looks like Kickstarter went a long way towards seizing the opportunity of Facilitation that I mention in the post.

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