1. TF

    they also added ten years to the man’s age temorarily, as it WAS showing 1939 as his birth year immediately following his performance.

  2. kaccoon

    I saw the same page…I thought I was losing my mind when I tried to show some friends the page and it was gone. I looked and looked and I know they thought I was seeing things. I looked him up because I wanted to know his age, and it said he was 69 years old. I remarked to everyone that I couldn’t believe he was that old. So someone said to look-up another bio on him, which I did, and it stated he was 59. I hit the back up button and it showed the same page but different information and that was correct, I’m so glad you made me feel sane.

  3. jaredran

    Glad I could help, kaccoon. I was so amazed by it and knew that no one would believe me–that screenshot tool sure came in handy…

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